Parisian Rooftops and Using Copic Multiliner For the First Time

Reading Time: 5 min

I use my sketchbook to collect ideas and visuals for references. This time I wanted to draw a larger landscape perspective. I found this photo of a Parisian rooftop scene (link to the photo at the bottom).

What I liked in this photo was the contrast between rough and neat. The roofs are messy and grow on each other, but most of the façade is orderly organized. I thought it would make an interesting drawing.

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Elizabeth Tower – Watercolor Ink and Wash


Reading time: 5 min

How much do I plan in advance when making a drawing? That is a good question.

Sometimes I just start without having a clear image of what I’m trying to achieve. In those instances, I don’t have the pressure of making it perfect or following a certain stylistic code. The perspective might be a little off, or the building is not an accurate representation which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It actually gives the drawing a certain character, and the viewer is only left with hints where their brain needs to work and finish up with their own conclusion. That’s not to say that it comes out as a success every single time.

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